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Hoof care education for horse owners


If you're looking for a hoof trimming course that is based on science and experience, easy to understand and teaches you barefoot hoof trimming in a logical way, then you've come to the right place.  We have taught thousands of horse owners, all around the world. With clear and structured guidance, it's entirely possible to learn about hooves and hoof care online; let us show you how you can improve your horse's hoof health yourself!


We are hoof care experts and educators. Our passion is to empower horse owners like you, and give you the tools and knowledge to make the right choices regarding your horse's hoof care.


We have courses for all levels: whether you just want to learn about the basics of hoof health and what a healthy hoof looks like, or you want to learn to do a full barefoot hoof trim, or anything in between - we've got you covered.

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Three Horses


Looking for the perfect gift for an equestrian who has everything? Give them the gift of knowledge with our online hoof care courses. It's easy. Just click to purchase a course and provide your loved one with the gift of learning. Them and their horse will thank you!

Horse Legs


Hoof School is headed by Minna Sarkkinen, a hoof care professional and educator with a long and successful career helping thousands of hooves to heal and function well. We tell you the what, explain the why and show you the how!

Pony in Field


You're learning independently, but you're not alone! We have a dedicated and supportive Facebook group for all our students, where you share your course homework, connect with likeminded equestrians and  get to ask all your hoof-related questions.

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