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Hoof School provides you hoof care knowledge in a way that is easy to understand. You don't need a degree in veterinary care to learn with us, in fact you don't need any prior knowledge about hooves at all; we meet you at the level you're at and walk you through good hoof care principles, one step at a time.


The world is full of hoof trimming methods, some better than others. At Hoof School, we do not represent or offer you a method, but hoof care education that is based on scientific research and things that we have tried and tested over several years, so we know it works. We keep an open mind and want to encourage you to do the same; learning about hoof care is a never-ending journey, and our courses are a great place to start!

We do this for the horse.

We want horses all around to world to have healthier hooves, so that they can be happier horses. Our courses are carefully crafted to empower owners with the knowledge and skills required to keep their horses' hooves healthy and strong.

Vet Petting a Horse


We want to share our vast hoof knowledge with you, in a way that is easy for you to follow and understand. Our two-woman team works hard to empower you through the best education in horse hoof care, so that you can make the right choices for your horse or pony.

Minna Sarkkinen

Minna has worked as a professional barefoot trimmer for over 15 years in Australia. Her expertise lies in rehabbing laminitic hooves, and she is passionate about including the owner in the horse's ongoing hoof care.

At home, Minna has a herd of horses (who even counts after 5??), but Merlin the Friesian is her favourite.

Riikka Kemppainen

Riikka is the technical half of the team. She manages the online course content and website, and makes sure that the day-to-day admin functions of the business run smoothly.

Riikka is the servant of two horses, George and Cody, whose hooves she cares for after learning the craft from Minna.

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